Plato' Caribbean Atlantis Book Cover

Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis is a scientific analysis of the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato’s writings about the lost civilisation of Atlantis. This eBook is based on Plato’s two written works about the Atlantis story – the Timaeus and Critias dialogues. Plato wrote these two documents in about 360 BCE, and they are the only known works that give a detailed description of the civilisation of Atlantis.

What is “Atlantis”? Most people who have heard the name think it is just a vague notion about a mythical land that existed somewhere long ago but then sank beneath the sea. Some people may have seen speculative stories about Atlantis in movies, television programmes, magazines, or the internet. They also may have seen claims about someone’s latest discovery of the location of Atlantis.

Academics insist that Plato made up the whole Atlantis story and none of it is true, but Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis takes the opposite view. The book claims that Plato wrote about real places and events and did not make up any part of the Atlantis story.

Several times in the Timaeus and Critias dialogues, Plato states that Atlantis existed and is not a myth. Plato was not a liar or charlatan. He is one of the most important founders of Western philosophy who devoted his life to finding the “truth” in all things. In his many writings that survive to this day, Plato considered finding that truth was the purpose of philosophy.

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