Plato's Caribbean Atlantis Answers Many Questions

The location of the Atlantic Island
The Location of the Atlantic Island - Source: Modified From Google Earth

If the Caribbean region were the centre of an advanced Atlantean civilisation, then the first human civilisation developed in the “New World” of the Americas, not in the “Old World” of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India or China.

Plato’s Caribbean Atlantis investigates and tries to answer many questions that no one has adequately answered up to now, with the central questions being:

  • Was the Egyptian priests’ story of Atlantis copied and transmitted accurately over thousands of years in the “sacred records” that Solon saw?
  • Did Solon accurately translate the Atlantis story from Egyptian to Greek?
  • Did Plato believe Solon’s story of Atlantis to be true?
  • Were Plato’s dialogues on Atlantis accurately transmitted from Plato’s time to the present day?
  • Assuming Plato’s geographical descriptions are accurate, where was the Atlantic Island and what did it look like?
  • When did humans settle on the Atlantic Island and how did they get there?
  • Did our human ancestors of over eleven thousand years ago have the physical and intellectual capacity to develop the technology of a Bronze Age civilisation?
  • Is there any continuity of the prehistoric civilisations and cultures Plato describes for the Atlantean Empire and the Mediterranean? What is the archaeological evidence for cultural continuity at those locations?
  • Could the Atlanteans have created the technology that Plato describes? What are the equivalent technologies from known ancient civilisations?
  • What prehistoric climate events could have caused the numerous “deluges” and other “destructions of mankind” the Egyptian priests describe in the dialogues?
  • What geological events might explain the destruction of prehistoric Athens?
  • What geological mechanism might explain the creation and destruction of the Atlantic Island?
  • Where could researchers look for physical evidence of the truth of Plato’s Atlantis story and the prehistoric Atlantean and Mediterranean worlds Plato describes?